We arrived on the northwestern coast of the island of St. Lucia at the capital city of Castries. Founded in the mid 17th century by the French, Castries eventually became a major coaling station for the Royal Navy. The city has been rebuilt several times after suffering devastation from three substantial fires in 1976, 1813 and 1948. Today tourism is the major industry.

We had scheduled our only Holland America tour for this stop but unfortunately it was cancelled due to road flooding. As a result we decided to just wander around the town. It could have been a charming walk but the local taxi drivers and tour companies made the walk quite miserable. I try to keep in mind that they are just trying to earn a living but they couldn’t seem to understand why ANYONE would WANT to walk for the pleasure of it. The only other ship in port was a Princess liner and we met a nice couple from North Carolina. After visiting the local Market, which was about the only thing open because it was Sunday, we spent the remainder of our walkng tour dodging the tour hawkers and the rain.

It forever amazes me how these caribbean ladies balance their loads on their heads, apparently effortlessly.

This was one of several interesting signs we saw, the CCC we were informed is the City Council.

Two parallel lives, oblivious to each other although I could observe both simultaneously. I find these type of photos fascinating. A young mother palying and caring for her daughter while an older neighbor does her ironing.

An interesting perspective on the airport as we passed by on our way out.

The twin peaks or the Tetons in St. Lucia. These mountains, as are most on the island were formed by volcanic activity.

Monday, a sea day, was a day of relaxation, food, some exercise, a movie, some good music at 2 for 1 in the Crow’s Nest and the show performed by the Ships’ band the HalCats. Not a bad day. Tomorrow we dock in Willemstad, Curacao at 8:00 AM