We were back in Key West on Monday. We arrived around noon but didn’t leave the ship until after lunch. Again we had no specific plans so we were not in any hurry. The weather was beautiful and the temperature perfect for walking, about 75 degrees. In fact it was much more pleasant than the 85 we experienced two weeks ago. Just for the exercise we walked the 1.5 miles to the southernmost point of the continental US near the end of Duval Street. Then on our return we stopped at our previous watering hole the Little Jazz Room. After returning to the ship we enjoyed watching the show provided by the locals in Mallory Square where we were docked.

From our balcony we observed a sword swallower, jugglers, HIGH unicyclists, tarot card readers and even a trained pig. This was only the performers not the “regular” people in Key West which are often a show on their own…

Tuesday was truly a day of leisure. Many of the activities on board either didn’t interest us or we had previously seen. We did go to one lecture on the “Legend of Ernest Hemingway “ which proved to be quite interesting.

At lunch today we were surprised to be greeted by Rex Hunt, who we had previously met and did an excursion with in Iceland on the Voyage of the Vikings cruise in 2011. He and his wife Donna had boarded the Ryndam on Sunday and were also staying on for 21 days but they were doing 7 + 14 instead of the 14 + 7. It is always good to meet old friends.

Another beautiful morning..

The following collection is a study of waves… there were many interesting patterns on the calm seas with the wind forming the patterns.