Our second sea day. Truly not much to report for today. My semi-regular routine, up early for a workout at the fitness center, picked up a couple of coffees to bring back to the cabin. After a shower and getting dressed we met the rest of the gang in the Rotterdam at 8:15 for a leisurely breakfast.

Having already looked over the event schedule for today, Kay and I had decided there really wasn’t anything which were interested in. It was not that there wasn’t plenty to do, we would just rather take the day to relax. And relax we did. After breakfast we had a brisk 4 lap mile walk around the promenade deck (actually 1.14 miles according to Mr. Fitbit). This was followed by an hour at the spa. Carl and Janet show up about 30 minutes after us and we were the only ones there. Like having your own private spa!.

After again showering and getting dressed it was almost time for lunch which we did at the lido today. I left to get pizza and a salad and asked Kay to order a Stella for me when the barman came by. I returned to find she had ordered a bucket of Stellas! WHO is this WOMAN… LOL She explained we saved 20% and could put any extras in our refrigerator also she wants to be sure we use up our complimentary beverage cards before the end of the cruise. Good thinking, except I drank two rather than one which on top of the meal left me pretty worthless.

Following lunch Carl and I made our way to the aft pool (which literally is about 15 seconds from our cabins) to get a little sun. Kay and Janet did some more walking. After about 45 minutes I left, returned to our cabin and took a much needed nap.

We usually don’t do the shorter cruises for a very good reason. There is much less stimulating programming on the shorter cruises than the longer ones. We knew this when we scheduled this back to back 14 & 7 day booking and were ok with it. On this trip our primary goal was to relax, get out of the cold and just have fun. So far we have been able to achieve this.

For dinner tonight I had an excellent baked halibut steak, lamb kebabs and chicken soup. We followed this with a show and then an Elvis music program in the Crow’s Nest Lounge. We must move our clocks forward 1 hour tonight so it’s bedtime for me. Good night…