I took Daisy to the kennel yesterday and felt guilty about leaving her for over 3 weeks, although I know she is loved and cared for there. We finished all of our packing last night and made our checklist for this morning. I had a great nights rest and was awaken by my alarm at 4:30 AM. After making coffee and getting a quick shower, I moved our luggage to the garage and began my checklist. Thermostats reset, check. Doors locked, check. Water main turned off, check. We decided to take this precaution since the temperature is predicted to get as low as 4 degrees next week.

David and Leiona arrived in the “Big Red Truck” just before 6:00 AM. After adding our luggage to theirs we proceeded to the Wellborns and picked up Janet, Carl and their bags. We were on our way by 6:10. According to GPS our ETA is 1:15 PM provided no stops or delays.

Just south of Macon, we stopped for Breakfast at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant. Service was very fast because there were few people although it was after 8:00. Almost always they are busy by this time. I wonder if it has anything to do with their Duck Dynasty fiasco?

We were soon back on the road and on our way. Another 2 + hours down the road, we stopped to refuel an take a restroom break, this was just inside the Georgia state line. As I write this we are a south of Gainesville, FL moving toward Tampa at 75 MPH with an ETA of 2:15 PM or about an hour and a half. To be continued tonight…

Just outside of Tampa we stopped for a late lunch at about 2PM at Applebee’s. We arrived at our hotel around 3. We chose to stay at the Comfort Inn Fair Ground in Tampa. The primary appeal was free parking during the cruise and free round trip shuttle service to the port. The rooms were huge and very nice and a full breakfast is provided.

We spent the afternoon at our own pursuits. Some walked around the area but Kay and I watched an episode of Dexter on Netflix using my tablet connected to the TV. Afterwards we all walked up the street to Wing House, a local sports bar where we had some great wings and beer joining a large contingent of bikers. I always enjoy experiencing the local color J After returning to our room we watched two additional episodes of Dexter. We will miss him during the cruise…

My plan is to arise early in the morning, have a quick workout then shower & breakfast. Our reservation is for the shuttle to transport us to the pier at 11:00 AM