With the shortened Holiday week, our departure date is rapidly approaching. Although this cruise is a relatively short 21 days, there is still a great deal of preparing to do. Not only for the cruise itself but also making sure things at home are taken care of while we are away.

We have already booked most of our planned shore excursions through Shore Excursion Group (http://www.shoreexcursionsgroup.com). We have used this service before and found it to be better than booking with the cruise line. Typically the groups are much smaller, in fact on a walking tour in Quebec City there were only four of us. Also the prices are usually one-half to two-thirds of the cruise line prices. We did book one excursion with Holland America and were notified last week that it had been cancelled due to flooding making roads impassable.

We also got another bit of good news this past weekend. Our cabins were upgraded from BB category to A. Our cabin is now number 055 on the Navigation deck. We were excited about the upgrade. I did get some of my things together today and expect to finish up Friday.

Well, actually I don’t expect to have this much!